Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Purple reading group has been reading a book called, Top Hat, The Detective.  They will be blogging about the book and responding to each other about their thoughts.


  1. top hat was walking down the street a boy said
    my salamanders are gone they were trying to find
    out clues by asking everbody what they did at the park by :abigailcrable

  2. Top Hat Tompkins is the guy to find to find what your missing that's what he'll find."His the best detective I know he finds what I'm missing like my salamandes."


  3. we are reading a book called Top Hat,The Detective in the purple group and its a mystery and I really like mysters so i really like the book.Some of the charecters names are Penny Prundle,Ralph Moobly,Hugh Sefferlump,Top Hat and Sid Sefferlump.

  4. I think aboute the book that i liked it. becase top hat, the detective helped the boy find his salamanders and they found out that no one stole his salamanders it is just the thing that the salamanders wer in just melted. bY Casey White

  5. In this event Top Hat and Sid are talking to Penny Prundle.Trying to investigate so they can find out if she stole sids salamanders.Do you think she was the one?Read and find out.


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